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​ Grega consulting helps with projects and questions to help guide people in right direction for their projects and home ideas.

Chris Grega

When starting a new project, hiring a construction consultant can save a lot of time, money and even frustration.  A construction consultant can verify information for accuracy from contractors and suppliers.  Sometimes a consultant can be called just to see how much work is needed or if there is a more streamlined approach.   A fresh look from a consultant may yield more design possibilities.  A building consultant can go over all the bids and make sure the numbers make sense and that major items have not been missed.  Items missed in the planning stages are the reason construction projects skyrocket over budget.

People who enter into a project, either by choice or unfortunate circumstance, can be overwhelmed by the construction process.  This is where we come in to help show all the possibilities and paint a full picture.

With 30 years of experience I can guide you through your projects and help avoid many of the common pitfalls.  I am a building professional who understands the problems with older construction.  I know current codes and modern building techniques.  I am very familiar with the permitting and inspection process.  If the worst has happened to your home, I know how to negotiate with your insurance company.   When asked, I can take a leadership role and inform workmen about new products and alternate building techniques.

     I have worked with many green building products and techniques.  I know what has stood the test of time and performed as advertised.  Unfortunately,  I also know the green products that have not lived up to expectations, some of those are still with us.  The great news is that green building has moved into mainstream and made a big difference for home owners.

     Emergency repairs unfortunately are a fact of life.  Its hard to know who to turn to in times like these.  We can put a home back together by being an ally for the homeowner;  Negotiating with the insurance company to make sure reasonable compensation is made and overseeing contractors to make sure they are not taking advantage of a homeowner who are desperate.   In the end, hiring a construction consultant is about peace of mind and making sure the project meets the homeowners expectations.

Project Photos

Superior Wall Foundation

Woodcock Pa new construction with xi precast walls.  Very dry and warm basement.  One day to install foundation.

Sip Panel Construction

Green energy efficient panels that are quick to  construct. Sip panels make for a very comfortable home. 

Before of a Pittsbrugh Residence

Home suffered from roof leaks and carpenter ants.

During of a Pittsbrugh Residence

30 feet of exterior wall was replaced to remove all damage.

After of Pittsbrugh Residence

Real cedar shake was use for weather resistance.  The new bump outs add 10 percent more space to the interior room.

Tacoma Wa

Home was 85 percent gutted due to plumbing leak on third floor.

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