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      Grega Consulting is a Home Remodeling and New Construction Firm with Locations  in Tacoma Washington and Western Pennsylvania.  Chris Grega has been Home Builder in the construction industry for 28 years specializing in unique designs for both Residential and Commercial construction.   Chris Grega started home remodeling in Tacoma and now have a second office offering New home builds as well as Remodel work in Pennsylvania.   Grega Consulting is able to bring the best products together from all over the US to build and design what ever our customers dream up no matter what the challenge.

Grega Consulting has the discipline to initiate, plan, execute and complete the project.  Working with a team of professionals Grega Consulting achieves the goals and meets the specific criteria that are requested within the given constraints. We are a Project Managing firm that makes sure the job is correctly budgeted and done with quality workmanship.



Grega Consulting helps guide clients projects by answering their questions taking into consideration their budget, current building codes, and practical design.  

Whether you are a professional investor or a do it your self-er we can give guidance on realistic goals and budget.

We can help give you the information you need to make sound building decisions. 



Grega Consulting can design from the ground up or can streamline plans that homeowners already have to better suit their needs. 

We pride ourselves on projects that are challenging, difficult, or unique that most others firms turn down.

Grega Consulting can also turn the homeowners sketches and ideas into working blueprints. 


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Our Current Projects

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Current Projects


Current Projects

our building process

1 Initial meeting

This is where the client explains their project and goals. We have a conversation about budget and how the project will be funded. I explain how we work and how we can bring our experience to the project.

3 Final Design and Budget

This is where the final plans are approved. The budget is locked down and final sub contractors are considered.

5 the Schedule

Grega Consulting sets the schedule starting with obtaining permits, then material purchasing and delivery time tables. We will coordinate all sub contractors and trades workers to help them be efficient on the job site. Work quality will be closely monitored to ensure inspections go smoothly and to help keep work on schedule.

2 Design outline meeting

This is the meeting where the preliminary design work begins. We discuss a basic budget and realistic expectations. The design starts to come into focus and C.A.D drawings are started. Depending on the project, more design meetings may happen.

4 Project Management begins

As Project Manager, Grega Consulting would oversee the general contractor and supervise all the sub contractors to protect the client's interests on the job site.

6 managing from Beginning to the end

We will ensure all vendors and subcontractors have fulfilled their contracts. We will present the client with the accounting of records and receipts that are kept throughout the entire process. This accounting will be available for review at anytime during the project. We constantly walk though the job site to ensure no small details are left to be completed or any small items missed.

Customer's reviews

Chris has a unique skill set, having expertise in home building, property management and as a real estate agent.  With that background, he has a very valuable “big picture” view in approaching home design, building and major home renovations.  I’ve used Chris’ services in a major home renovation and was extremely impressed.   His background in home building gives him a thorough understanding of building materials and construction processes.  That understanding is helpful in recommending and choosing materials and designs to optimize cost, energy efficiency and durability. His background in construction and property management gives him insight into how the choice of designs and materials will wear over time.  These are not insignificant considerations. His background as a real estate agent gives him insight in home design trends, and a strong basis to assess a project's market value.  People want to enjoy their completed project, but they also want to know that their project is a good investment.  That investment, both in cost and temporary living disruptions are often significant.  I think it’s well worth contacting Chris to see if he can help you. I’d be happy to speak or exchange email with anyone wishing to use Chris’ services. 
Paul I
Lakewood, WA
Chris Grega has extensive experience in the fields of building (home and commercial), remodeling, and real estate. As a designer he combines these knowledge bases to create functional and aesthetic designs that optimizes the underlying infrastructure and building resources that will ultimately be used to complete the project. He can take almost any problem and offer the most practical and usually least expensive solution, or he can offer custom solutions that incorporate the customers’ specific needs I bought a spec home in 2004 and have used Chris to make various specific and small to moderate upgrades that help customize and improve the functionality of this spec home. When a burst water pipe in an upstairs bathroom resulted in 80% of my house being taken down to studs, Chris Grega helped me optimize the money that I recovered from my insurance company (which I did not have the time to do since I was displaced and working a busy job). This alone was worth using his services as a project design manager. Many of the upgrades I made to the house was in the infrastructure and therefore mostly unseen but improved the warmth and comfort of the home. What most visibly reflects the talents of Chris was the rethought and redesigned, from scratch, of the kitchen. The design optimized the functionality of the kitchen as well as maximized the view of the Puget Sound. The choice of Fairfield Custom Kitchens (Cochranton, PA), as the custom cabinet maker, allowed for many custom design elements to be included that would not have been available locally. Fairfield built high quality cabinets with beautiful quarter-sawn oak at a price very competitive to ordering a high-quality kitchen from a “Big Box” home center. Similar care and attention to detail is also evident in the rest of my home which had to be rebuilt from studs. Another of Chris’ strengths that stems from his experience and knowledge is his ability to emphasize and educate to the customer at the beginning of the project of the relationship between design and budget to minimize costly errors and surprises during the project. He offers multiple options to optimize the resources available for any given project. Honesty and integrity are without question
Tacoma, WA

We are proud to be listed on the Better Business Bureau website and invite you to check us out!

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